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 13 reviews
by Jan E. on Mystic
5 Stars Great Book

Great book to have! Love it!

by Sara J. on Mystic
For Mystic

This is my review for mystic, I found it online. It is one of the best books that has really given me an important meaning and sign in my life when i needed it the most

by Trista W. on Mystic
Unique Forever

This book as dreams,astrology, tarot, face reading, and basically all divinations in one. I had a great experience, the purchase was easy, It is electronic so I can take it anywhere ( i dont let anyone look at my book cover), very special book, its unique and I will use it forever!

by Yulia G. on Mystic
The Best Book!

I have practiced divinations professionally and every now and then I do get a few good books to see what is around. This is the best book that I have come across, i do recommend it to everyone who loves this type of stuff

by Cindy W. on Mystic
My Dreams

My dreams and my goals in life have been recharged. When I got mystic i did find out the meaning of believing again and so many divinations really allow you to find out important messages that do mean something

by Alexa E. on Mystic
Recommended through a friend

I was recommended by a friend who is obsessed with reading horoscopes from astrology junction to purchase mystic, so I did, and it is the greatest book. The astrology is amazing, dream section is accurate, and the tarot is very meaningful if you have any answer that you need

by Tom Q. on Mystic
Love it

This is a great book, the electronic side of it makes it so easy because i can look up any part of the book on my phone or laptop ! Very good book to always have

by Hartley D. on Mystic
5 star!

I have gone through many different books from my grandparents about astrology and basically some old stuff about divinations, this is an amazing book that I came across. I definitely will give it a good 5 stars

by Kelley E. on Mystic


by David T on Mystic
The Hippie Reader

So this is the review from me, the title her is basically what I like 2 call myself. This is one of my favorite books, I can truly say that it is very authentic so I always feel that it comes from an honest place when reading it. I use it for various things! Like daily.

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